Benchmark Development

Maximization. Optimization.
Not Standardization.

We approach every project with a customized approach, tailored to the physical project, ownership's needs, and the local and regional market. We never assume that everything we do works for every property. As evidenced by our diverse portfolio, no two assets are the same and no two markets are the same, but all have the consistency of Benchmark's quality, service, and performance.

Benchmark's history, culture, management approach, and success can all be linked to one word... Entrepreneurial.

We value our entrepreneurial approach as a distinct competitive advantage over other management companies who, by attempting to standardize everything to the lowest common denominator, squelch creativity. We often say, "we've done a lot of things we've never done before,"—and we like it that way. 

Hotel 1000 - Seattle, Washington
Chaminade Resort & Spa - Santa Cruz, CA

We think in terms of maximization and optimization, not standardization. Yes, we have minimum standards and policies, but we expect our managers to think on their feet and not always look to a manual on the shelf for answers—unless they are in accounting, IT and HR, where there is naturally much less room for creativity.


For Owners & Developers:

Alex Cabañas

President, Business Development & Finance
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