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Doral Arrowwood

A Sprawling Retreat Near New York City

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Best Team Building Activities: Mild & Wild

Doral Arrowwood’s fun team-building exercises that fuel a little friendly competition, while also firing up the friendships

Escape the Office

Based on the interactive Escape Rooms that are popping up in cities all over the country, this challenge designed by True North Team Building requires your team to figure out how to escape from a “locked” office or conference room on the resort property. But in order to do so, participants must put their heads together to search for clues and solve puzzles and riddles. Beware: It is not as easy as it might seem.

Remarkable Race at Doral

Get your group out and about on Doral’s beautiful 114 acres with this energetic team-based scavenger hunt race that includes hidden clues and challenges. The race can be easily customized to your organization or meeting theme. Collaboration, risk versus reward, and time management are key themes in this challenge.


Golf Outing on the Little Blue Monster

Doral Arrowwood’s legendary golf course, known as the “Little Blue Monster,” presents designer Robert von Hagge’s trademark mounds, shadows, bunkers, and water hazards. The 3,200-yard, par-35 course presents a challenge to every level of play, from beginner to professional, and includes 9- and 18-hole outings and full catering facilities.

Row Your Boat Regatta

This fun and engaging event challenges teams to build and decorate a boat using only the materials provided. Teams need to draw on creative out-of-the-box thinking and project management skills to develop a boat capable of traveling across the span of Doral Arrowwood pool to the “watery” finish line (or, as an on-land challenge, on top of foam noodles).

Chain Reaction

Teams are given a box of everyday materials (funnels, tubes, wood, string, etc.) to create a chain reaction – just like a Rube Goldberg. The objective is for each team to work together to ensure that not only does their individual section work, but that it also triggers and works with each other team’s contraptions until a full chain reaction is created.