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The Heldrich

The Cultural Heart of New Brunswick

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Event Themes: Prepare to be Inspired

A few of The Heldrich’s corporate party ideas that your team will be talking about well into next quarter.


Casino Night

Las Vegas comes to The Heldrich with playing tables manned by dealers, roaming drink servers, a deejay, photo booths, and more. While no “real” gambling is involved, guests wager with funny money (think Monopoly dollars) and have chances to win prizes based on their winnings.

Beer and Wine Tasting Evenings

In the beer tasting, a local brewery owner will teach guests how to serve the perfect beer, recognize a “good” or “bad” beer, and have them learn the finer art of taste-testing. In the wine tasting, a sommelier will teach the art tasting, as well as general rules of thumb when it comes to pairing wine with food.


Sushi Party

Not just a teambuilding event, but a dinner, this event brings in a local sushi chef to teach guests the art of sushi making, from preparing and seasoning sticky rice to rolling with a bamboo mat.