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Hotel Contessa

Hotel Contessa Offers Texas Grandeur on San Antonio’s Riverwalk

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Best Team Building Activities: Mild & Wild

Hotel Contessa’s fun team-building exercises that fuel a little friendly competition, while also firing up the friendships


Get Into Guacamole

Groups are divided into teams, given an assortment of ingredients, and then tasked with creating the best guacamole that will be judged by the executive chef. Once the competition is over, it’s time to wash down all the variations with the full bar that is ready at the waiting.

Salsa Showdown

Groups are divided into teams, given an assembly line of creative ingredients (mango, corn, even strawberries), and then tasked with creating the best salsa that will be judged by the executive chef. The challenge makes for a nice segue into the main dinner event.

Mixology Masters

Teams try their hand at inventing their own concoctions, taste all of the entries, and have their final creations judged by the resort’s resident mixologist. This is an especially great activity to do right in the lobby while guests wait for their transportation to another off-siting dining venue.

Chili Cook-off

Ideal for larger groups since there are many more ingredients to work with, this challenge tasks teams with creating their own chili recipes. The executive chef judges the results while also providing tips and tricks as the teams work.

GPS Scavenger Hunt in San Antonio

You could buy a guidebook to orient your San Antonio visit – or, you could let a squad of locals fill that role after booking this downtown scavenger hunt. Organized by Adventures in San Antonio, the hunts require you chat up natives to solve clues and point you to the right destinations, like the bar where Teddy Roosevelt met with his Rough Riders.

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Hotel Contessa, 306 W. Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205   P: (210) 229-9222   Toll Free Reservations: (844) 258-7210