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Future Trips to Take Based on Your Quarantine Type

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced many to stay home and put their travel plans on hold, for now, there will inevitably come a time when it's safe to travel again—and when that time comes, your quarantine situation could very well determine which kind of trip you take.

For example, parents stuck looking after and homeschooling the little ones day after day will likely be in need of a rejuvenating adults-only escape, while sweethearts forced to remain apart will be seeking a long-overdue romantic retreat.

No matter what your quarantine situation, here are 21 hotels and resorts guaranteed to meet your post-COVID-19 travel needs.

For Families

Remote employees who might be missing out on precious family time due to COVID-19 restrictions can catch up on lost time at any number of family-friendly resorts, including the expansive Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark in Monticello, New York.


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