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Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is a Caribbean Island Inspiration in Curaçao

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Best Team Building Activities: Mild & Wild

Santa Barbara Beach Resort’s fun team-building exercises that fuel a little friendly competition, while also firing up the friendships

Fire up the Grill Competition

It’s not just a barbeque dinner, but a unique teambuilding event. Teams (divided by tables) create a protein dish and a starch dish using only ingredients from the “mystery box.” Like Iron Chef, teams must prepare their dishes within a certain time frame and also decorate their table on which their dish will be presented to the resort F&B department judging the event.

Smoothie-Making Competition

Each team is presented with a table of ingredients from which they develop their own unique smoothie recipe. The catch? They are selecting their ingredients while blindfolded, so whatever ingredient is chosen must be used (however, after all the items are picked, the team can substitute one item they don’t want for a mystery ingredient). Then, one half of the team will make their smoothie using a bike blender, while the other half creates the perfect pitch to sell the smoothie.

Chichi Doll Painting

Chichis are iconic handmade and hand-painted dolls that represents a colorful part of Caribbean heritage. In this event, attendees team up with craftsmen to paint small-, medium-, or large-sized chichi dolls or can decorate a larger sculpture as a team. All this takes place in beautiful tropical garden at Serena’s Art Factory in Willemstad, Curaçao’s picturesque capitol city.

Expedition in Hidden Paradise

This educational and fun challenge brings you to downtown Punda/Otrobanda in Willemstad, where groups are divided into different teams and tasked with finding their way through the downtown area by following descriptive signs and clues. At different locations – from museums to important historical landmarks – teams perform various assignments to find answers. Once your team finds all the correct answers, you’re led to a mystery location where a boat is waiting to bring your team to a secret paradise: Fuik Bay, where a barbeque, a DJ, and dance party awaits.

Battle of the Flags & Caribbean Beach Life Party

Teams compete in a battle of the flags by winning each other’s team flags in a total of seven games. While this is going on, the DJ is getting the party vibe going, while the hotel is lighting the barbeque. After the games are over, a catamaran shows up to take turns chauffeuring groups of about 45 on a scenic tour of the surrounding coast and inland lagoon, while the rest of the group is entertained with live music, karaoke, Latin/Caribbean dance workshops, and an arts and crafts market.