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Snow King Resort Hotel Offers Wide-Open Wilderness in Jackson Hole

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Meeting Technology & Amenities: Simple to Smart

Offerings – from high-tech highlights to just plain ingenious add-ons – that make holding a meeting at Snow King Resort unlike anything else.

On-Site A/V Team & Packages

Select from a variety of A/V packages offered by the resort, including everything from LCD projectors to wireless mics to sound systems, to fit your group’s budgets and needs. Plus, on-site A/V techs are available at a moment’s notice should special needs arrive.  

Cardioid Boundary Microphones

These mics sit on the table in front of presenters and draw power to actively pick up the speaker’s voice for projection (they do not require a button to be pushed to work). In fact, they only pickup sound from a specific area, so unlike normal microphones, they do not have any feedback issues.

Outdoor Venues

The total 10,000 square feet of indoor meeting space is just the start. Several expansive outdoor venue facilities offer the perfect setting for an outstanding corporate event among the West’s great outdoors.

Throwbox Microphone

You can physically throw this microphone into an audience to kick-start a discussion. Located in a square padded box, the microphone can even safely bounce off the walls and floor with no fear of damaging it.