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Snow King Resort

Snow King Resort Hotel Offers Wide-Open Wilderness in Jackson Hole

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Best Team Building Activities: Mild & Wild

Snow King Resort’s fun team-building exercises that fuel a little friendly competition, while also firing up the friendships


Both Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Snow King offer tandem flight opportunities, where you’ll learn the basics of weight shifting, brake toggles, and gearing up for your tandem flight before being sent aloft to grab a bird’s-eye view of town as the sun illuminates the valley and the Tetons in the distance.


Skeet Shooting

The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience caters to groups of 15 to 30 shooters and includes historical and modern rifles, pistols and revolvers, shotgun clays, archery, and long range rifles. Groups are typically divided into smaller clusters of five to ten people and rotated through “shooting stations,” enabling each guest to really get a feel for the fundamentals of each shooting discipline.

Tree Tops Ropes Course

Located on Snow King Mountain with expansive views of the Tetons and Jackson Hole Valley, this progressive course is like Swiss Family Robinson meets the X-Games. Course elements go as high as 80 feet off the forest floor and include obstacles like wobbly bridges, swinging logs, climbing nets, flying surfboards, and 13 zip lines. Go with your team blindfolded to hone-in on your instincts and communication skills.

Whitewater Rafting

Mad River Boat Trips offer daily whitewater trips on the famous Snake River and are accompanied by professional, experienced, and highly trained river guides. You can even join them for dinner on the river with the Riverside Steak or Trout Cookout trips, prepared and served at the outfitter’s own riverside dining site overlooking the two largest rapids on the river.

Climb the King

The best views of Jackson Hole are seen from atop Snow King Mountain. A 1.8-mile trail ascends 1,571 vertical feet from the main base area to the summit, where your group can take in gorgeous views of the Tetons, the Elk Refuge, and the town of Jackson. It’s the reason why locals “Climb the King” on a weekly or even daily basis.