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Chaminade Resort & Spa

Monterey Bay Panoramic Views at Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz

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Best Team-Building Activities: Mild & Wild

Chaminade Resort & Spa’s fun team-building exercises that fuel a little friendly competition, while also firing up the friendships.

Boat Building

Attendees are divided into teams and each given identical materials and tools to share in the adventure of creating a boat. Each vessel is then tested out in a competition to see whose boat floats the longest.

Chardonnay II Team Building Charter

Take your team out to sea and learn to sail a 70-foot world-class yacht. After an introduction to the vessel at the dock – where you learn aspects of sail theory, parts of the boat, operation, and navigation – groups heads out to navigate Monterey Bay as they maneuver, man the helm, and trim the sails.


Synergy Learning Systems, a team and leadership development company that Chaminade partners with, has crafted a custom team-building activity called “geoteaming.” Based on the sport of geocaching, teams decipher visual and written clues to chart their course, then use GPS receivers to locate hidden containers buried all over the property.

Brew Cruz Tour

Bond over beer as you explore the Santa Cruz Beer Trail with Brew Cruz, a converted 1989 school bus. Tours are four hours in length and include a pint for each passenger at your group’s choice of three breweries, tours with the brewmasters, beer history, music on board, and more. 

Paint Night with Yeshe Jackson

There’s no better artistic inspiration than the landscape of towering eucalyptus and Monterey Bay right outside Chaminade. Groups learn how to capture it on canvas in an outdoor painting class with local landscape artist, Yeshe Jackson.