The image shows an aerial view of a marina with boats docked, surrounded by lush greenery and residential buildings in the background.

How Mail Delivery By Boat Has Made A Splash In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Published on May 16, 2018

A historic resort town in Southwest Wisconsin, Lake Geneva is home to Victorian mansions, pristine beaches, and their famous “mail jumpers.” That’s because Lake Geneva is one of the only places in the world where mail is delivered by boat.

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A long tradition that has spanned over a century, mailboat delivery used to be done out of necessity, and now has become a sort of spectacle among those visiting the Wisconsin town. While delivering mail by boat may seem like a pretty straightforward task, the caveat is that the boat doesn’t stop, so mail carriers need to run and leap to and from the boat in order to make delivery seamless. If the delivery doesn’t go as planned, the mail jumper could find themselves stranded on a dock, or even end up soaked from head to toe.

While historically, mail boats were all business, today they’ve become a tourist attraction and boats fill up daily with spectators ready to watch the jumpers in action.


Mail jumpers aren’t the only reason people are planning their getaways to Lake Geneva. With a relaxed scenic atmosphere, plenty of outdoor activities to take advantage of both on water and land, and beautiful wineries spread throughout the region, it’s the perfect spot to take your next vacation. One of our favorite activities for the upcoming Fall is visiting one of the apple orchards in the area, like the rustic Brighton Orchards, where you can pick your own apples, sip on award-winning cider, and explore their on-site two-story treehouse.


For the full Lake Geneva experience, we recommend reserving one of the vacation villas at The Abbey Resort. Each villa has an upscale rustic feel, with brick fireplaces and beautiful views of the harbor. If those views don’t relax you enough, melt away your tension with one of their award-winning spa treatments at Avani Spa, like their Bamboo Massage or their Balancing Lavender Body Experience.

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