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The best journeys include a bit of spontaneity and a whole lot of fun. Soak up the unexpected this summer by immersing yourself in everything our destinations have to offer.


Historic Gems and Natural Wonders 

Summertime Strolls

Summer is the time to make the most of every moment, every memory. Get a glimpse of colonial history at Smithfield Plantation located near The Inn at Virginia Tech; visit the awe-inspiring Grand Teton National Park when you stay at Snow King Resort Hotel in Jackson Hole; dine in a former World War II Officer’s Club at Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center; or escape to a 17th-century temple close to Turtle Bay Resort.


Sweet Treats and Savory Bites

Time to Indulge

Let your tastebuds run wild with the flavors of summer. Sample breads, cookies, and pastries from family-owned Scala Bakery near The Heldrich; get a taste of gourmet foods and fine wine at The Cork & More, a Forest Suites Resort favorite; sample craft spirits like Rock Peach Vodka at Rebecca Creek Distillery by Hotel Contessa; and enjoy live music while you eat, drink, and be merry at the Friday Night Farmers’ Market close to Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.


Day Trips and Dive Bars

Fit Right In

Not your typical tourist adventure. Head off the beaten path this summer and discover a 148-acre arboretum by Chaminade Resort & Spa; climb aboard a lake cruise and feast on unlimited tacos right near the rustic Stonewall Resort; and visit a world-famous “witch doctor” within 10 minutes of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.


Livin’ on the Edge

Venture Beyond

In true summertime spirit, enjoy experiences on the edge. Cruise down the swamp on an airboat by The Grove Resort Orlando; set out on a five-hour night fishing expedition from Beachwalk Resort in Florida; get a high-altitude view from a hot air balloon while at The Nautical Beachfront Resort; or stand on a 103rd-floor ledge of the nation’s tallest building close to Eaglewood Resort & Spa.


Caribbean’s Cultural Wonder

It’s Island Time

A world away from California lies another Santa Barbara just as shimmery and spectacular. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in gorgeous Curacao is filled with breathtaking coastal views, around-the-world culinary delights, and thrilling open water adventures. Caribbean paradise found. 

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